The only national event of its kind to be held in the Sultanate of Oman. Further to the directives from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said in 2010 there has been immense initiative highlighted within the Sultanate till date.

Joint efforts are made from the Royal Oman Police &, the Private Sector which reflects the accident reduction in the country and the efforts still continue to reach Goal Zero.

Traffic Safety Expo 2016 is one of the key platforms which will feature not only the latest trends and most innovative solutions in traffic safety but also an event which highlights the effective safety models and best practices implemented in the Private Sector.

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Why Participate?

CSR Initiative

It is a corporate social responsibility of every organization to share its best practices with the local community.

Buyers Seek You

Traffic Safety Expo is the place buyer’s visit to seek out products and services and gain industry knowledge. The decision-makers and influencers who are your customers make it a point to visit the event and update themselves with the latest trends & technologies.

Face to Face

Face-to-Face contact is one of the most effective sales techniques and at the TRAFFIC SAFETY EXPO you can meet customers seeking your products and services. This makes the TRAFFIC SAFETY EXPO both cost effective and time efficient, resulting in great returns on marketing investment.

Customer Relationships

Meeting your existing customers is an essential part of retaining and developing business. At the TRAFFIC SAFETY EXPO you can benefit from a networking environment in which you can consolidate and develop existing business relationships, as well as gain new business leads and build your brand. If your competitors are at the show you need to be there too.

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